Heidenhain PWM 20

Heidenhain PWM 20

Portable Diagnostic and Alignment system

Amis Engineering have the availability of providing services using the Heidenhain phase width modulation (PWM) unit which is available for diagnostic and systems alignment in the field, for many years. It also accommodates any Heidenhain metrology product advancements in feedback signals and reduced in size.

The newest PWM 20 model operates on Windows and includes Windows 7. A small signal conversion device is connected by USB to the PC and the system is ready to display the signals of any Heidenhain device making this a very simple and efficient piece of equipment compared to older versions.

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PWM 20

Phase angle measuring unit for connection to a PC through the USB interface.

The Heidenhain PWM 20 also includes ATS: Adjusting and Testing Software with integrated local encoder database for automatic encoderidentification, the functions supported by the ATS software vary depending on the encoder and the encoder interface. The main area of this equipment is for testing the correct operation of absolute and incremental HEIDENHAIN encoders, Mounting wizard for ExI, LIP 200, LIC 4000 and others.

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